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Working Mothers - Time Managers Par Excellence

She never quite leaves her children at home, even when she doesn't take them along. ~ Margaret Culkin Banning Mothers Day is a celebration of womanhood. The 21st century woman is confident, independent and caring. She knows her worth and does not wait for a man to give recognition to her identity. She is sure about her strides and knows where she is headed. Many of them have made choices that were unthinkable even a decade back. These choices speak of her courage, resilience and will power. They have catapulted themselves to the summit of the fields they have plunged into. Even when they have gifted new life to their families, they have not let their careers take a back seat, nor have they lost sight of the focus.

How to Look HOT in a Maternity Bathing Suit

Do you mean you could actually look good in a bathing suit and go to the beach while pregnant? Like even 8 months pregnant? Of course you can, as specially made maternity swimwear is available in many styles (even plus sizes) to accommodate your preferences and give you the look you want. You may even get a compliment on how beautiful you look being pregnant! No, you don't have to wear an all black, oversized bathing suit... in fact, colorful prints will make you look prettier, flatter your skin tone and detract attention away from your large tummy. Did you know that swimming is considered the best exercise when you're pregnant? So even if you live in Minnesota, it would be good for you to visit the local indoor (heated) pool and swim.

Mid-Life Crisis For Females? 7 Steps For Averting Crisis And Helping Baby Boomer Women

Mid-life is a time of transition. Are you feeling unsettled as your children don't need you in the same way? Your job is boring? Are you restless to be doing some meaningful? Perhaps you are thinking about an affair, or your husband is having one. Or, you are moody, cranky, teary. The crisis is seeing your life as it is and wanting something else. Here are seven steps for identifying the cause of your crisis and for moving beyond it. 1. Identify the cause of your crisis In addition to the above issues, it could be your parents are aging or have died; a close friend or sibling is ill or getting divorced. What else is different or painful now? 2. Honor your past accomplishments If you work, have children, have friends, have a life, you have experience and achievements.

Summer Must-Haves

Warm weather is quickly approaching, and it's about time! Summer is full of laughter, sunshine, and relaxation-or at least it should be. Girls, there are certain necessities for the summer. Yes, necessities (even though your boyfriends or husbands may not agree). With warmer weather comes a wearing of swimsuits. So make sure you feel fabulous in yours. If you feel like it is time to treat yourself, buy a new swimsuit this summer. I've found that buying a new swimsuit will increase your motivation to work out. It is true for me. I just kept saying to myself, "Oh no, only 1 month until I will have to wear it out in public! " You'd be surprised at how much faster and how much harder you will work out.

The Importance of Stun Guns For Women

It was the early morning hours and Samantha was coming from the club that she had enjoyed with her two girlfriends, Sherri and Lana. They had all driven in different cars and parked elsewhere. As Samantha walked to her car, she stopped shortly as she remembered the ritual that she had to go through each time she would walk to her car. She stopped under the street lights and pulled her keys and stun gun from her small purse. She scolded herself because this should have been done before she vacated the club building. She looked around and saw people going by, but minding their own business. She hoped no one saw her. She was a little tired, but knew that she had to stay alert for any possible attackers.

Gender Bias - Women, Utilize Talent and Innovation to Move Beyond the Glass Ceiling!

On the cover of the April 2008 issue of Condé Nast Portfolio Magazine, is a picture of a woman's ruby red high heel pitted against and unmistakably underneath the toe of a man's business shoe. The feature article is titled: "POWER WHO HAS IT. WHO DOESN'T? The surprising news about gender in the office" This article, written by Harriet Rubin, was such a surprise to me. After all it appears that women have made so much progress. I was beginning to believe that my writing about breaking the glass ceiling was old news. Or am I right on target with this subject? To me, in my gut, something in the last few years just didn't feel right. Everyone was trying to tell me "oh no, it's not a problem anymore, look at all these women in PINK magazine!

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