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Can Yoga Boost Immunity To Fight Viral Attacks?

Ayurveda, a holistic way of life, believes that yoga brings in an integrity/ sets a rhythm/ nourishes ones spiritual life, with which he is able to gain strength to face the stressful situation which both his body and mind undergoes when he is affected by viral diseases.

When one is diagnosed with disease like AIDS even his own family tends to neglect him, it is at this time regular yogic practice comes handily. It helps to balance himself and helps to withstand all the emotional hurt feeling that he is subjected to by the society and endure the physical pain that he has to undergo during the treatment.

Yoga helps one to be self centered. Practising Ujjayi pranayama, Nadi Shodhana, the simple basic techniques of pranayama (breathing exercises) helps one to go deep in to their inner life and gather physical and mental strength to face the viral disease like Hepatitis.

The fifth chakra exercise - Dog Breath - the most powerful exercise of all the kundalini yoga corrects our breathing pattern and helps in clearing the body and throat out of the toxins. It also aids in oxygenating body thereby helping to get rid of the many viral diseases.

Pneumonia, a viral infection that inflicts the lungs, occurs due to collision between kapha and vata doshas and ayurveda recommends one to practice the yoga positions like Half wheel (Ardha Chakrasana) a dynamic backward bend and Bow (Dhanura Asana) a frontal position. These asanas help in improving the functions of respiratory and digestive systems.

Common cold, a mild infection in the nose and throat by a virus, can be prevented by doing a regular ling mudra along with the kapalbhati pranyama (breathing technique), which results in inhaling more oxygen in to lungs thereby curing cold.

Hence Yoga practice helps one to fight against many psychosomatic disorders/viral diseases and improves his immune system and handle the stressful situations in a more positive manner.


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