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Teaching Yoga To Clients With Multiple Sclerosis

Yoga instructors, who have students with MS, can use a wall, counter top, walker, or parallel bars, to assist with balance, and to give their students a physical reference point. Depending on the level of physical ability, a hands-on assist may be required. Often, the nervous system does not successfully relay all the necessary information to the body. A physical assist helps with coordination and balance. As students progress with yoga postures, nerves are further stimulated, stress is reduced, and symptoms of MS are lessened. Yoga breathing (pranayama) exercises will reduce stress and enable relaxation. No matter what level of ability yoga students with MS have, they can benefit from the different methods of pranayama.

Yoga Certification - A Gateway To Job Satisfaction

Have you ever met a Yoga teacher who was disgruntled about his or her position? Is it being around Yoga all the time or is it an ideal occupation? What would it be like to be inspired, motivated, and respected at work? If you attend Yoga classes, you may sometimes wonder if there is any stress in teaching at all. As it would be, all jobs are capable of having some stress, but stress is more manageable, if you enjoy your line of work. Fear of losing your job, conflicts, unrealistic production or sales quotas, and a feeling of helplessness, are common in the work place today. Whole departments are being terminated, while their work is outsourced. The chance of a promotion, a raise, or having any input in company decisions are a thing of the past.

Yoga and Losing Weight

Hatha Yoga instructors must learn to adapt their teaching styles to accommodate students with a variety of health conditions. Obesity is a common, but serious, health risk factor, which has to be addressed by teachers, in a compassionate way. Any student who walks through the door of your studio is taking a pro-active stance toward his or her health. Compassion and mutual respect are the foundation of the student / teacher relationship. Therefore, adapt and modify to meet any student's needs. If you are a student, begin your yoga practice with a knowledgeable yoga instructor, who is familiar with your goals. Learn the proper ways to breathe and do the yoga postures.

Yoga For Insomnia

Yoga addresses a multitude of disorders, illnesses, and ailments. Much like any other disorder, insomnia is often the result of an imbalance within the mind and body. Yoga has been proven, over centuries, to help center the mind and body, while providing enough relaxation to help you sleep. Anyone who has ever experienced insomnia knows how awful it can be. Whether the episodes are occasional, or regular, insomnia can disrupt your daily life. Insomnia sufferers often are depressed, anxious, and irritable; it can cause an overall feeling of helplessness. Desperate for sleep, many turn to sleeping pills and other quick-fix solutions. In an emergency, most people opt for a sleeping pill.

Teaching Yoga to Students With Multiple Sclerosis

Patients, with Multiple Sclerosis, can expect to feel benefits from regular yoga practice. Fatigue, pain, numbness, weakness, and lack of coordination, plague sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Yoga can alleviate these symptoms with regular practice, and help students find their bodies again. Yoga has been practiced for centuries - to holistically balance four elements of our existence. Our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health are addressed in the practice of Yoga. Historically, the vast multitude of diseases has shown a profound and wide imbalance of these elements. MS is a disease of the Central Nervous System. This auto-immune disease breaks down nerve insulation (myelin) in the cerebral and spinal nerves.

Use Yoga Exercises And Postures To Reduce Back Pain And Inflexibility

What do you think is one of the most common ailments that patients consult their doctors for? Did you guess it? Yes, the answer is back pain. The majority of adult Americans have at some point in their physical development suffered from a bad back. Seeing as we are discussing facts, another fact is that over 82% of the people visiting their doctors complaining of back pain actually have no physical disorder of their backs. The pain and unease that they are feeling in that region of their bodies is systematic with a lack of suitable exercise that results in the corresponding pain caused by a lack of muscle tone in the back. These muscles assist in the support of the back.

Use Yoga Exercises To Effectively Treat Addictive Behaviour!

Whether we care to admit or not most of us have a vice or addiction, it is just human nature! For the most part we have a reasonably high level of control over these vices or addictions. Examples of these addictions can be as minor as wanting to eat a little bit more chocolate than is healthy, but they can be much more serious, to the extent that problems can arise in our lives. It is extremely difficult to eliminate addictions as the reason for their existence is often linked to an event(s) that has happened in our past. This only emphasises the problem as if you cannot pinpoint the source, treating said addiction becomes very difficult. Yoga exercises will help you peel back the layers of time and experiences, that make us what we are.

Can Yoga Boost Immunity To Fight Viral Attacks?

Ayurveda, a holistic way of life, believes that yoga brings in an integrity/ sets a rhythm/ nourishes ones spiritual life, with which he is able to gain strength to face the stressful situation which both his body and mind undergoes when he is affected by viral diseases. When one is diagnosed with disease like AIDS even his own family tends to neglect him, it is at this time regular yogic practice comes handily. It helps to balance himself and helps to withstand all the emotional hurt feeling that he is subjected to by the society and endure the physical pain that he has to undergo during the treatment. Yoga helps one to be self centered. Practising Ujjayi pranayama, Nadi Shodhana, the simple basic techniques of pranayama (breathing exercises) helps one to go deep in to their inner life and gather physical and mental strength to face the viral disease like Hepatitis.

Kriya Yoga - Brief History

It was master Lahiri Mahasaya who introduced Kriya Yoga to the modern world during his lifetime in the nineteenth century, yet Kriya Yoga is, according to some scriptures, much older than that. It would appear that the Bhagavad-Gita mentions a Kriya Yogi technique in a stanza that states: "That meditation expert becomes eternally free who, seeking the Supreme Goal (Samahdi), is able to withdraw from external phenomena by fixing his gaze within the mid-spot of the eyebrows and by neutralizing the event currents of prana and apana within the nostrils and lungs; and to control his sensory mind and intellect; and to banish desire, fear and anger." The Bhagaved-Gita is rumored to have been written more than 3000 years ago.

Some Benefits of Yoga

There are dozens and dozens of benefits of yoga. Here are merely three that you can consider now to help you make a decision on whether or not to start. And, there are more where these came from. Yoga Gives You Pain Management Power One of the greatest benefits of yoga is that it gives you the power to manage your own pain instead of having to depend on others, like massage therapist. Those who practice yoga develop a healthy body that is less prone to pain. In addition, they learn a set of poses that can deal with acute pain. One way this works is by making the body more flexible. A good deal of the pain that we suffer from is the result of a constricted and inflexible body.

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