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Become a Certified Yoga Teacher - Do You Have a Passion for Your Job?

Among Yoga teachers, there is a common thread, which we may refer to as a "calling" toward teaching classes. A passion stirs inside each one of us to become a yoga teacher because we see how much the Yogic path has helped us personally. We see what a difference Yoga can make in any person's life. Let's consider what factors motivate people to go to work. We might be able to boil these prime motivations down into three groups. The desire for money, status, and passion, are the three basic reasons why people go work. Usually, most people receive one, or two, of the three prime motivators by going to work. Many people go to work for a pay check, to bring money home for their families.

Reduce Neck and Shoulder Tension - Four Simple Yoga Practices to Reduce Neck Pain

If you are feeling stressed, anxious or tired, you may experience tension headaches, neck pain or discomfort. The practice of yoga is the ideal way to learn how to naturally enhance your physical health and emotional well-being. The following simple yoga stretches and breathing exercise will help to ease stiffness and tension in your neck, shoulders and upper back muscles. As with any form of exercise, please exercise caution, respect and patience for your body and consult your GP before you embark on an exercise programme. - Lower your head to your chest, breath in as you lift your head to look forward, then breathe out as you lower your head backwards.

Teaching Yoga To Students With Parkinson's Disease

Yoga instructors, working with students that have Parkinson's disease, must respect the limitations and goals of these individuals. As with any number of physical and neurological ailments, the effective postures and routines will vary. As a general rule, asana practice might require modifications, props, extra support, or assisting for students with Parkinson's disease. Balance is something that the unconscious mind controls for most people. A benefit of moving personal balance to the conscious mind is the result of more stability. In the mind of a person with Parkinson's, these unconscious functions have been damaged by the disease. Students with Parkinson's should focus primarily on bringing the functions of the body, to the forefront of the mind, during yoga practice.

Teaching Yoga For Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's disease affects motor and speech skills and is characterized by muscle rigidity and tremors. This degenerative disease is also chronic, meaning life long and progressively crippling. People with Parkinson's disease appear stooped and move slowly as the disease progresses. Age is a factor, as is evidenced by a great deal of the older population showing symptoms. Their walk is often a shuffling gait with very short steps. The person has trouble lifting their feet. Arms don't move, or move little, when the person is walking. Range of movement is impaired and their hands shake. This palsy is the most telltale sign of Parkinson's. Other symptoms that develop can be even more debilitating.

Yoga For Weight Loss

Anyone with weight loss goals has to consider that there are many variables. Diet, genetics, activity levels, stress levels, and personal mindset, all play a role in weight control. Yoga can help you lose weight by improving all, or several, of these factors. If you consider the physical aspect of yoga only, it is true that many forms of Hatha yoga are low impact in nature. Low impact exercise, alone, does not burn as many calories per hour as high impact aerobic activity. Yet, weight loss does not depend solely on burning off as many calories as possible. Pushing the body's limits, by working out aerobically, in a high impact mode, puts stress on the body, and can cause premature wear in the joints.

Yoga And Weight Loss

Many students of yoga have found a correlation between the day they decided to steadily practice yoga and their life long decision to improve their health. Students report that they made healthier food choices, due to feeling uplifted and centered from yoga practice. This comes from a sense of focus and mindfulness of the body, which results from regularly practicing yoga. Yoga postures are sometimes held for periods of several minutes each, depending on ability level. Beginners, who are overweight, may initially have difficulty holding postures. They should not be discouraged by this and work to the best of their ability. Skilled yoga instructors create classroom atmospheres that are encouraging to students at every ability level.

Yoga Exercises Will Banish Panic Attacks!

If you yourself or someone you know has had, or suffers from panic attacks, then you can associate with the fact that these very attacks rob you of your independance and leave you totally unable cope with the simple everyday tasks that we all take for granted. Whilst gripped in one of these attacks, the fear of something happening is often so powerful that it overrides your very will causing you to stay barricaded in your home, left to become a recluse unable to venture out and interact with other folk. Prescribed medication is the obvious choice that people will make to help, wrongly hoping they will help them cope. Unfortunately their faith in these medicines is grossly misplaced, as many of them can actually lead the taker into a higher state of anxiety!

Practise Yoga And Promote An Overall Healthier Lifestyle!

It is hardly surprising that the majority of people who regularly practice yoga start to develop a healthier lifestyle in a short period of time. These positive changes are seen in many facets of their existence. Once the benefits that yoga can bring about are seen and experienced by these new practitioners, life takes on a whole different meaning and is seen through different eyes. The feeling of having their energy levels increased by practise is really encouraging, to the extent that it spurs people on to make more changes and get even more out of their lives. Some more of these 'magical' effects include: Diet, where a change from foods of low nutritional value to healthier foodstuffs with higher nutritional value can only promote good health;

The History And Principles Of Yoga

It is astonishing to consider that one of the oldest means of mental and physical conditioning is the most effective way to relieve both stress and physical ailments that plague our modern civilization. Yoga, a Hindu discipline, has been around for over 3500 years, and is a more effective remedy than anything else that has been devised or developed by our so-called more 'advanced' societies of more recent years. Many Western societies have embraced the yoga principles and teachings with both arms, as more and more people are coming to realize that there are massive problems with the imbalances that are so obvious in their lives. They are starting to realise that the materialistic pleasures that they had once been chasing so rigourously simply cannot deliver the fulfillment that they desire in their lives.

Yoga Instructor Training - Teaching Multiple Levels in the Same Class

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by students, with a variety of ailments, in the same class? Are you looking for student solutions to your class scheduling? Do you have time constraints? Let's look at a question and answer session. Q: Each student is unique, but what do you do with students of different physical abilities, within the same class? How do you handle one or more students with a pre-existing injury? Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed by the variety of needs within a Yoga class. Really, I am in need of advice about too many special cases, within one yoga class. On top of this, there is an elite athlete in the corner who is bored all the time. A: You are absolutely correct about each student being unique, but within a Yoga class each student deserves an equal amount of attention.

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