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Yoga Stretching Flexibility Exercises Beyond

The mantra of yoga - A healthy mind rests in a flexible body Yoga has nowadays become a crucial part of a person's life. It works on the physical as well as the mental level. No other form of exercise can offer this. Yoga also helps the body in improving the lung capacity, circulation, preventing muscle soreness, loosening the tight hamstrings and most importantly providing flexibility to the body. Flexibility can we obtained by stretching and this stretching can we well done through various yogic poses and asanas. Unless one has a flexible body, one cannot perform the higher level yoga poses that are extremely beneficial to the mind and body. Increasing flexibility of the body is the primary aim of the basic level yoga poses.

What is Yoga Flexibility - A Simple and Basic Definition

Flexibility is defined as the ability to adjust to different state of affairs or the skill to easily bend an entity. Flexibility is the outermost range of progress in a joint, or a mixture of joints, that is possible in a momentary effort. Flexibility is related to specific body joints and not whole body. In other words, it is a legend that some people are naturally flexible throughout their entire body. Flexibility is related to range of muscle movement around our joints. Flexibility is also related to mobility and suppleness of our joints. Dynamic, static-active and static-passive are the three major types of flexibility. Dynamic flexibility is the ability to attain a ceiling range of motion of the joint while performing a movement.

Yoga Stretching Exercises and Beyond

Yoga is an age old science with millions of followers worldwide. It is known to help an individual develop physically as well as spiritually. It boosts the immunity of the practitioner and makes the body very flexible. Yoga stresses on a combined mental and physical development. All the yoga poses are nothing but stretching exercises and each is said to act not just on the physical body but also on the development of the mind and soul. There are a variety of stretching exercises in yoga each exercise stretching a group of muscles and thus, strengthening them. The yoga stretching exercises are so effective that they are a part of almost all forms of workout and sports training.

Yoga Instructor Certification - Certification For New and Experienced Yoga Instructors

Yoga instructor certification is becoming more and more important. In 2008 registration is no longer enough. In fact, you will find yourself at serious legal risk if you are appropriately certified. Becoming certified is a relatively new phenomenon. When yoga was not as popular or as mainstream as it is today, being registered as a trained was seen as enough. However, as a result of the increasing popularity of the regime you really must be certified for your own full legal protection. Unfortunately, there has been an increase in law suits as a result of students becoming injured in classes (this, of course, can be avoided altogether or minimised if you choose the right program from the start).

What Do Yoga Certification and Yoga Registration Mean?

Many students, who aspire to be Yoga teachers, are left confused as to the purpose and difference between certification and registration of Yoga teachers. Let's take a look at both processes and some of the differences between them. The purpose of the Yoga teacher certification process is to make sure that instructors have an excellent working knowledge of all Yogic aspects and safety issues. There is much ground to cover in the process; and many styles emphasize different aspects. It should also be noted that anyone can teach Yoga without certification or registration, but these processes reinforce a professional standard among teachers. To the best of my knowledge, "Yoga police" do not exist.

Yoga Teacher Training Schools - Why It's Better To Get Trained At Home

Becoming a yoga teacher is a very rewarding career. Not only will you help people become more supple and fit but it is also a spiritual exercise that brings a lot of peace to millions of students worldwide. In days gone by schools were the only option. This often meant having to give up gainful employment to attend or to take large blocks of leave. Both of these options can have many drawbacks including lack of income or even -- at worse -- the loss of a job. There are a number of home study programs that specialize in teaching men and women to become fully certified yoga teachers. However, they are not all equal. Below I will discuss some of the options available.

Yoga Instructor Certification - How To Become A Certified Yoga Instructor At Home

In recent times yoga instructor certification has become more important than ever. In the past registration was usually enough because the practice and teaching of yoga was not as mainstream as it is today. However nowadays not being certified puts a yoga teacher at serious risk of costly lawsuits and unable to obtain liability insurance at all. The Major Reason For Certification The major reason for becoming certified is for a teacher's legal protection. There has unfortunately been an increase in lawsuits against teachers as a result of student injuries that usually could have been avoided with proper training and instruction. While one's first impression of yoga is that it is a relaxing, spiritual exercise it can actually be quite vigorous, especially for people who are just starting out or seniors.

Meditation, Yoga and Occidental Medicine

The Yoga discipline - centuries old - is nowadays more valid than ever, she provides the means to combat the lack of inner equilibrium, that the actual rhythm of life so frequently inducts. For a great number of illnesses are the psychosomatic origins already mostly accepted, especially in the psychological and psychiatric practice. Often has been asserted a very close relation between psychic components and the symptoms of illnesses in the gynecology, and most times is it sufficient to affront the relations between the psychic components and the symptoms to resolve the accused disturbs. To do so is it frequently sufficient to deal out with the problems that arise in course of a dialogue.

The History of Yoga - Almost As Old As Time

The beginning of the ancient history of yoga is not written down, most was transmitted first orally and later with the help of sacred texts on palm leaves. That is how long Yoga is been around... It is difficult to tell exactly by date how long the history of yoga extends and how old this practice actually is because many of the first written history is lost, damaged and destroyed by time. Some say that it is 8, 000 years old others think it can't be that old and it should be closer to 4, 000 years. We know the first record are from 3000 BC but there were four main periods of practice, development and innovation. There where hints that people were doing yoga as early as 3, 000 BC in the Indus Vally Civilization and also in the Vedic civilization in circa 1500 BC.

Seven Criteria For Finding the Best Yoga Teaching Training Course Home Study Program

Your yoga teacher training is very important and that is why if you are looking for the right yoga teacher training course home study program for you that you enroll yourself in a yoga instructor program that is the best that you can find to ensure that you are fully qualified and certified and 100 percent ready to start a professional and profitable yoga business from day one. Criteria One: A Money Back Guarantee A number of programs don't offer a money back guarantee at all. That leads one to believe that (a) they don't believe in the quality of their course and (b) they are not confident enough to stand by their course by ensuring 100 percent student satisfaction.

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